How to install & USE
mlc powerpoint add-iN

How to install & USE
mlc powerpoint add-iN





Double click on the setup.exe file to run the installation process.


Click install to proceed.



Launch PowerPoint and click on the new MLC tab.
Then click on the Activate button to insert your license.


Insert the license code you have received by email and click the Activate button.

TIP: it should have this format: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX


Your license is activated, click OK.


Check: the icons of the MLC PowerPoint Add-in will turn into color as a confirmation that the tool is active and ready to be used.


The Personal library enables you to store custom collections of graphic assets (icons, pictures, etc.) into an easy to use sidebar.


When this window will pop-up, click Next.


Choose the colors and fonts you would like to have at your hand and click Next.


The plugin is correctly installed and is ready to be used. Click Go to PowerPoint.



Now you are a happy user of MLC PowerPoint Add-in.


how to use mlc add-in functions

From presentation makers for presentation makers, MLC PowerPoint Add-in is a proven tool to speed up your recurring tasks in PowerPoint and get faster team results while maintaining incredible accuracy and consistency throughout your presentations.

From presentation makers for presentation makers, MLC PowerPoint Add-in is a proven tool to speed up your recurring tasks in PowerPoint and get faster team results while maintaining incredible accuracy and consistency throughout your presentations.

MLC PowerPoint Add-in can save you tons of time on your presentation design by adding functionality that makes tedious manual tasks a breeze, often accomplishing time-consuming adjustments in a single click…

One of the most tedious tasks to accomplish in PowerPoint is shuffling everything around to reorganize your slides. Often moving one shape will result in covering another, and it can take some effort to get everything where it needs to be and realigned to look beautiful and consistent…

When adding text, icons, images, or other shapes into your presentation design, one of the trickiest (and most time consuming) tasks is to resize everything appropriately to keep a consistent look and feel…

One of the most common mistakes in PowerPoint presentations is the use of inconsistent colors and fonts throughout your presentation…

One of the most difficult and time-consuming parts of developing a new presentation design is finding the right imagery. Images are an extremely powerful and important part of your presentation, and you want to make sure you get it right!

Aligning various elements in a slide can be a cumbersome task, especially when each element is a different size or shape. Aligning and spacing each element into a grid-like shape can be a time-suck when you are manually moving each element into place.

Are you using lines in your presentation design? Lines can provide interesting design elements that break up whitespace and can be used to incorporate colors into your design. Most importantly, lines can help to draw the eye toward the most important elements on a slide.

Every brand design should match the company’s branding guidelines. That means colors, fonts, logos, and more all have to be consistent across all assets, and in the case of a PowerPoint presentation, across all slides as well.

The strength of the Gantt diagram is its ability to dynamically represent the set of activities over time, which, if viewed together, summarize the progress of the entire project at a glance.

Solve complex layouts in a very short time creating slides that communicate effectively. The Rule of Thirds is a technique of graphic composition used for centuries in the world of painting and today widespread in the world of photography and film production.

We have all faced the dreaded issue of presenting tables in PowerPoint as a full load of data, often coming from Microsoft Excel. Especially if you work in business, you will always need to present performance updates, data analysis, market analysis, stock analysis, trends, etc.

Adding content to your presentations in columns and rows can be an excellent way to keep things organized and easy to digest. But have you ever tried to get your 3-5 columns perfectly spaced across your slides?

When it comes to presentation design, consistency is key. When a presentation’s elements are consistently placed in the same position on each slide, the audience learns exactly where to look for the information they need.

If you have ever created a presentation in PowerPoint, you have surely come up against the problem of making your elements matching heights and widths. While sometimes resizing “snaps” into the perfect dimensions, it can still take a ton of time to take each element and resize it to match the elements around it.

When designing your presentation, there are times where you may need to fit your design elements together from edge-to-edge. When implementing this manually, it can sometimes be difficult to get it just right, with no space between the elements and also no overlap.

While PowerPoint is designed to allow you to present live, and in-person, sometimes your presentation can be supported by a short video clip. Unfortunately, embedded videos in PowerPoint are notorious for not playing when they need to…

Adjusting and cropping images in your PowerPoint presentations can take a TON of time, especially on larger presentations. The experts at MLC Presentation Design are here to help you save at least half that time with tips, shortcuts, and tools to aid in your presentation design!

When creating a new presentation, you may want to utilize several slides from a previous deck, or pull in design elements from another presentation into your new one. Taking the time to copy and paste slides or elements from one presentation to another is inefficient and can take a lot of time.

Find out how to replicate selected item to the Active slides with Copy-Paste to Active Slides function. And what about Erasing all Elements at once?

Need to put a lot of typed pieces in one solid text box? Or maybe you need to do the opposite, and separate a big text box into a few shorter messages?

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