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We turn your business ideas into impactful presentations.

You will get:

  • Engaging storytelling to make your message memorable
  • An elegant lean design for your impactful presentation
  • The PowerPoint and all the graphic assets to be fully independent


Whether you need to create a presentation from scratch or to enhance an existing one, we can support you.

We help you all along the process​


We will listen, help you understand the audience, and frame the context.


We will craft the best storytelling to communicate your message.


We will turn your ideas into impactful
Lean slides.


The official MLC Presentation Design deck.
Learn about what we can do for you.
The official MLC Presentation Design deck.
Learn about what we can do for you.


First, define what you need to communicate, to whom and why. Then, find the leanest way to do so.


Which presentation are you looking for?​


Business PowerPoint presentations

Presentations are the medium that gives voice to your ideas.
A presentation becomes crucial because of the ideas it conveys.

Are you presenting for yourself or representing the organization you work for?
Is this a sales pitch or are you seeking funding for a project of yours?
Are you presenting data to support the business?

Either way, with an effective presentation you have the power to persuade your audience, change the course of events and bring your ideas to life.

Corporate Template presentations

The corporate template presentation is the main tool for consistency in internal and external communication. Moreover, if used correctly, it could more than halve the time needed to produce a presentation. 

It can often become a constraint for users too and gives rise to numerous creative shortcuts to get around it, losing both the benefits of communication effectiveness and efficiency of implementation.

The template design process can make the difference between a template that will be successful and one that should be added to the list of those to avoid.


Pitch Presentations for investors

Raising funding for your project is an arduous and exciting journey. However, the stakes are very high and failure can compromise the very evolution of the project.

The pitch presentations for investors are extreme presentations because you have to gain your audience’s attention in a very short time, get across all the fundamental aspects of your project and persuade them to follow up.

eLearning Presentations

Education has significantly evolved toward digital and the speed of this evolution seems to be accelerating.

Virtual means are a powerful tool for learning but they must be accompanied by appropriate supports and digitized effectively. That is where eLearning presentations play a crucial role.


Presentations for corporate events

Corporate events represent a pillar of a company’s communication. They gather employees, foster shared values, and reinforce corporate culture.

However, creating consistent communication through the corporate presentations in terms of style and content might become a nightmare, especially if you have multiple speakers joining the stage. Assertive communication is crucial to the success of any strategic event.

We believe in “strategy before design”​

Making an effective presentation is not just about design. You need to understand the business implications behind and truly own the contents.

We will help you to define your communication goals, understand your audience’s resistance and define the best storytelling to catch their attention. 

Only then we will find the leanest way to create an essential and elegant business communication to convey your messages and make your ideas remembered.

You can give your farewell to boring, ineffective presentations from now on.


For your message to go through you need to earn your audience’s time and attention. Your presentation needs to be respectful and worth their investment. Is your presentation good enough? 

What OUR clients say


People in business have no time to listen to long-lasting presentations, nor do presenters have time to spend crafting them. An effective presentation is only made by the elements you would not be able to do without.

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Make ideas spread and
change people’s mind

Win audience’s attention and keep it high until the end of your speech​

Structure your message into an effective communication flow​

Engage the audience from the first words creating a stunning hooking strategy​


Make ideas spread and
change people’s mind

Conquer the audience’s attention and
keep it high until the end of your speech

Structure your message into
an effective communication flow

Engage the audience from the first words
creating a stunning hooking strategy


The official MLC Presentation Design deck.
Learn about what we can do for you.
The official MLC Presentation Design deck.
Learn about what we can do for you.


Stop focusing on how many slides you need and put the audience back at the center of the attention. Design to optimize the interaction experience they’ll have with your presentation​.


It is a strategic-communication agency that deals with the creation of effective presentations at the service of its clients. Unlike a traditional graphic design agency, a presentation design agency does not only work on the graphic part of presentations, but also takes care of the entire storytelling process, and helps clients to organize their content in the most effective way for their audience.

It is difficult to set a fixed budget because each presentation is unique. A professional presentation design agency does not have a set price list but creates a project tailored to the specific needs of the client and their audience.

The best way to find out the price and type of intervention that can be implemented on your project is to schedule a free consultation with our team and present them with your idea. Then, they will define the modus operandi and determine the amount of the entire investment.

Those who make presentations are presentation designers or presentation strategists. The most important thing to keep in mind, however, is that making effective presentations is not just about graphically embellishing them, because a presentation designer is not just a graphic designer.

They are, in fact, professional figures capable of going beyond the content, understanding what the message is to be conveyed by making it usable, vivid, and indelible in the audience’s mind, and finding the right balance between storytelling and design.

A presentation designer performs several tasks that go far beyond traditional graphic design.

First, they oversee the constitution of the target audience and understand what message needs to be conveyed according to the business communication objectives. The next step is to create a storyline, that is, to organize the content in the most effective way to capture and hold the attention of the audience. Finally, they will use design as a functional means to convey the message so that it sticks in the mind of the audience.

Realizing a presentation from strategy to graphics takes time. It is difficult to define standard deadlines because each project is unique, and each presentation is based on the needs of both the client and its audience. In any case, a structured team is recognized by three fundamental aspects: it shares the project roadmap, defines the steps to be taken, and adheres precisely to the agreed deadlines.

Indeed, making presentations is considered a skill in its own right. Many of us have learned to use PowerPoint to create presentations that are as effective as possible for business purposes, but the truth is that these projects are often not as fruitful as we thought when we conceived them. This means that this is a skill that can be trained and improved.

It is true that anyone can learn presentation design and that it is not the exclusive domain of designers, but it requires a structured way of thinking. In other words, this skill offers a dedicated point of view to those who create presentations for business: you don’t have to be creative, but you do have to feel the need to convey a message and make it indelible in the minds of your audience.

No, they are not the same thing. Let’s say that presentation design is a specialization of graphic design.

The substantial difference lies in the fact that the former deals with the strategic-communicative part of realization, i.e., the storytelling that allows you to reorganize the flow of communication in the most effective way for your audience. The graphic design part comes into play when creating presentations from the perspective of user experience: the objective is therefore to create effective user experiences for the target audience.

A PowerPoint specialist is an extremely fast and productive figure capable of using this tool to make effective presentations.

Anyone can become a PowerPoint specialist – especially nowadays – since it is a particularly sought-after profession when constantly working with presentations and using, precisely, PowerPoint.


Knowing how to do this job means acquiring skills that can improve one’s working day. And it is precise with this in mind that ‘The Lean Presentation Design’ e-course finds its place: in fact, it is suitable for those who make business presentations and do not want to spend the whole day in front of the computer figuring out how to do it. So, if you want to learn an innovative and productivity-oriented method that goes beyond the traditional one, ‘The Lean Presentation Design’ is the e-course for you.

At the end of each project with our team, you will always receive the PowerPoint file and the source with all the templates at your disposal.

This is because we believe that the presentation is an asset in its own right and, once delivered, you can customize it and reuse it as often as you need.

When you decide to create a presentation, there are two fundamental things you must have clear in mind: what your objective is and why your audience should listen to you. Start by asking yourself why you decided to make this presentation, and then clarify to your listeners the reason why they should devote their time and attention to you – and not to something else –, two of the most valuable resources we have.

Absolutely. Our team specializes in creating effective presentations for large multinationals. We happen to deal with clients for whom we create brand guidelines from scratch that will be applied to the presentations, but we are also used to respecting existing guidelines; this is one of the many aspects we take into account within the whole project, and we aim to make the most of each brand guideline by being able to respect and valorize them within the presentation.

We can work on the whole scripting and storyline part: from a strategic point of view, a good part of the work can certainly be done. But for the graphic realization of the presentation, brand guidelines will be needed.

If they are already available, they will be used in full respect of their values and the design will be created consistent with what is provided; if not, we can help you create brand new, official, and optimized brand guidelines for presentation communication.

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