Crafting Engaging Visual Narratives for Environmental Impact

Revolutionizing Haier’s Communication
with a Dynamic Infographic  

In collaboration with Haier, the MLC Consulting team transformed an initial request for sustainability flyers into a strategic deployment of dynamic infographics.

This innovative shift enhanced audience engagement and understanding of Haier’s commitment to environmental impact. 


Haier, renowned in consumer electronics and home appliances, is reshaping its communication to highlight its sustainability commitment. With a global reach, the company integrates eco-friendly practices and energy efficiency into its innovation, aiming to reduce environmental impacts. This strategic move in communication mirrors Haier’s ambition to lead in technological advancement while prioritizing environmental stewardship, illustrating its dedication to a sustainable future through smart, green technologies.


Initially, Haier aimed to enhance its outreach through traditional flyers, but collaboration with MLC Consulting led to a shift towards more engaging and innovative solutions aligned with its environmental goals.

The challenge was twofold: transitioning from conventional flyers, which lacked engagement, to a more captivating format, and effectively communicating Haier’s sustainability efforts and ambitions. This strategic pivot aimed to better capture audience attention and convey Haier’s commitment to environmental stewardship.


MLC Consulting Team helped Haier revolutionize its communication strategy by transitioning from traditional flyers to dynamic, sustainability-focused infographics, thereby amplifying engagement and awareness of its environmental initiatives.


The challenge was to elevate engagement and communicate sustainability efforts more effectively.


MLC’s input was crucial in the development of illustrative infographics, employing visual storytelling and interactive elements to vividly convey Haier’s sustainability efforts and product features.


MLC’s intervention led to a marked increase in Haier’s audience engagement and a deeper understanding of its environmental initiatives, solidifying its reputation as a sustainability pioneer.


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Following a comprehensive analysis of Haier’s needs, the team identified an opportunity for innovation. It was proposed to transition from traditional flyers to dynamic, sustainability-focused infographics to amplify engagement and convey Haier’s environmental initiatives more effectively, marking a significant shift in strategy initiated by our insights. The key elements of this solution included: 

​Visual Storytelling

Custom illustrations and icons were utilized to craft a visual narrative that highlighted the unique features and benefits of Haier’s products, as well as its sustainability efforts, clearly and engagingly.

​Data Visualization

Complex information, data, and sustainability achievements were distilled into easy-to-understand charts and graphs, enabling consumers and stakeholders to quickly grasp the value propositions and environmental commitments.

Interactive Elements

Interactive components were integrated into the digital versions of the infographics, allowing users to explore different product features and sustainability milestones in a more immersive way. 


The design of the infographics was meticulously aligned with Haier’s brand identity, ensuring consistency across all marketing materials and reinforcing its commitment to sustainability.


The shift to dynamic, sustainability-focused infographics significantly boosted Haier’s communication effectiveness. These visually appealing materials attracted a broader audience and also enhanced the understanding and retention of Haier’s product features and environmental commitments. 


The transition from traditional flyers to dynamic and illustrative infographics, with a focus on sustainability, represented a significant evolution in Haier’s strategy. This innovative approach effectively communicated Haier’s commitment to environmental sustainability to its stakeholders.  


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