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Presentation assets management and digitalization project 

Every organization, throughout its life, develops and collects an enormous amount of graphic assets that define and describe its brand.

The assets are representative of the culture of the organization and represent how the company is perceived both internally and externally.

Managing assets in presentations can be time-consuming but is crucial to making corporate communication coherent.


MERU, established in 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia, operates from multiple locations including New York and San Francisco. The firm is renowned for its expertise in restructuring and transforming companies, with a team comprising veterans from top global professional services firms. 


MERU’s diverse team, with varied presentation styles and experiences, faced challenges in maintaining a consistent and professional standard in their PowerPoint presentations. This inconsistency was limiting their ability to convey a unified corporate identity effectively. 


The Meru team, aware of the importance of managing graphic assets such as corporate templates, company logos, customer logos, and other images, needed to organize and recall all brand assets directly from PowerPoint. From the collaboration with MLC Team, a new way of managing assets for the MLC PowerPoint Add-in was born and was immediately implemented in Meru and then scaled up across the organization.


MERU’s team encountered difficulties in maintaining a consistent and professional standard in their PowerPoint presentations, hindering effective communication of a unified corporate identity.


MERU partnered with MLC to improve presentation efficiency and brand consistency. MLC facilitated implementation and user engagement through workshops, ensuring the smooth adoption of the enhanced features.


The collaboration markedly improved MERU’s presentation processes, enhancing efficiency and brand consistency. Custom features developed for MERU also added value to the MLC Add-in.


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MERU sought a solution to enhance their presentation efficiency while maintaining brand consistency. The MLC PowerPoint Add-in was identified as the ideal tool to meet these needs.

​The MLC Approach

MLC initiated a customized approach, focusing on integrating MERU’s specific branding and presentation requirements into their PowerPoint Add-in.

Beforehand, the MLC team closely collaborated with Meru’s team to better understand the real business needs of the presentation makers while preparing a presentation with their corporate assets. They developed a custom solution to evolve the add-in, thanking for the valuable feedback that brought to the development of new functionalities for the MLC PowerPoint Add-in.

​The insight

Through conversations and analysis, it was discovered that MERU needed a digital asset management solution that enabled instant access through PowerPoint. Managers wanted to retrieve the slides from the corporate template while creating a presentation without opening another presentation and copying-pasting layouts.

Moreover, as a consulting company, Meru consultants work with client logos and brandings in their presentations, so they wished to have separate workspaces with the branding items of each client they could easily access from PowerPoint.

Even though the features existed, brainstorming with MERU, the MLC Team realized that some technological customizations were required to make the assets management functionalities better suit their specific needs. This request led to an insight that could benefit the whole MLC PowerPoint Add-in user base.

​The Process

MLC played a crucial role in solution implementation, not only in technical development but also in user engagement. After the custom features were integrated into the PowerPoint Add-in, the MLC Training team conducted an onboarding workshop for MERU’s users.

This workshop aimed to increase adoption rates and help users learn quickly. It taught them how to use all the Add-in functionalities effectively, making sure that MERU’s team could fully utilize the tool’s features from the beginning. This practical training was a key factor in enabling the smooth transition to the improved presentation system. 


The collaboration resulted in a significant improvement in MERU’s presentation processes, with enhanced efficiency and brand consistency. The custom features developed for MERU also added value to the MLC Add-in, benefiting the wider user base. 


The partnership between MERU and MLC illustrates the importance of tailored technological solutions in enhancing operational efficiency and maintaining brand integrity in the management consulting sector. MERU’s successful utilization of the MLC PowerPoint Add-in sets a benchmark in strategic consulting communication. 


On behalf of the MERU team, we wanted to thank the MLC Team for being true partners over the past few months. Though we are a small firm, you have treated us like your most important client as evidenced by your attentiveness, response times, and willingness to trial new features based on our feedback.

Regarding the productivity tool, we are receiving positive feedback from our colleagues who attended your training session last week.

The feedback is simple, they are becoming more productive in the creation of PowerPoint slides each day. We look forward to continuing our partnership with MLC as our firm grows, and should you require any references or other forms of advocacy, please reach out to either one of us.

Thanks once again for your partnership. 

The Meru Team


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