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In the fast-paced world of management consulting, presentations are the key to turning weeks of hard work and multidisciplinary team collaboration into effective recommendations and guidance. From sales to project delivery, presentations are the key tool for communicating your ideas to clients.

That’s why it’s essential that consultants are quick, agile and, above all, know how to tell the stories of their ideas in a compelling way.


BearingPoint Consulting stands out in the management consulting landscape for its deep expertise in strategy, technology, and management. With offices around the world, BearingPoint works closely with businesses to address complex challenges, driving innovation and digital transformation. Their expertise ranges from the optimization of business processes to support in strategic decisions, exploiting the most advanced technologies to provide tailor-made solutions.

This context highlights the crucial importance of effective communications, as presentations become the vehicle through which to share insights and recommendations resulting from a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach. BearingPoint is committed to maintaining high quality and agility in its presentations, which are critical to the success of its projects and customer satisfaction.


BearingPoint was faced with the challenge of making its presentations more agile, visually engaging, and strategically compelling. What was needed was an approach that improved PowerPoint agility and storytelling capabilities while integrating artificial intelligence to optimize productivity.


BearingPoint Consulting, a leader in management consulting, has partnered with MLC Presentation Design to transform the way it presents projects and ideas to its clients. Through an innovative workshop on storytelling and artificial intelligence, MLC provided BearingPoint experts with the skills to significantly improve the effectiveness of their presentations.


BearingPoint needed to enhance their presentations by making them more agile, visually appealing, and strategically effective, incorporating AI to boost productivity.


MLC involved key company figures in training and productive activities, focusing on improving storytelling techniques for business presentations. Through internal training sessions and a workshop that combined technical skills with advanced storytelling and design concepts, participants were prepared for strategic storytelling design, culminating in a day-long workshop that explored innovative presentation strategies and AI’s role in storytelling and productivity.


The workshop demonstrated the difficulty of turning business projects into compelling stories for action, highlighting the stress of planning and delivering under tight deadlines, but ultimately equipped consultants with strategies and tools for future communication challenges.


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MLC Presentation Design Consulting involved all the company’s key figures in a series of training and production activities. Stakeholders were called to collaborate in an exciting interactive workshop to discover the best storytelling techniques for business presentations.

​The MLC Approach

MLC Presentation Design has taken a meticulous and strategic approach to supporting BearingPoint. Initially, MLC worked with the BearingPoint team to conduct a detailed assessment of the existing presentation skills within the organization. This in-depth review revealed the need to strengthen two key areas: agility in using presentation tools and the ability to design effective strategic communications.

To address the first area, MLC guided BearingPoint in organizing a series of internal training sessions, aimed at improving proficiency with tools such as PowerPoint. This step was considered a key prerequisite, almost like a preparation phase, to ensure that all participants came to the workshop with a solid foundation in the fundamentals.

​The insight

MLC has identified the crucial importance of integrating agility in the use of presentation tools with advanced storytelling techniques and communication design. Understanding that effectiveness in business communication requires more than just technical expertise, MLC has shared its experience and resources to facilitate the preliminary internal training phase.

Next, the focus shifted to the heart of the workshop: strategic storytelling design. This phase was structured to build on the technical skills honed in the preparatory phase, allowing participants to explore and apply advanced concepts of storytelling and visual design, based on the insights gained from the assessment and initial training.

​The Process

A one-day workshop was organized for two main BearingPoint offices in Italy. In the first part of the workshop, the CEO of MLC Presentation Design, Maurizio, also the author of the book Lean Presentation Design, introduced an innovative methodology for the strategic approach to presentations, highlighting how artificial intelligence can revolutionize storytelling and productivity corporate.

During the workshop, participants were divided into groups to work on real case studies, creating a story script and developing slides to present their ideas. The session concluded with a final presentation which allowed direct feedback to be received.


The workshop clearly highlighted how challenging it is to transform business projects and ideas into stories that push the audience to concrete action. The participants experienced, firsthand, the tension of group planning for effective storytelling in tight deadlines and delivery with little preparation.

In the end, the consultants obtained a shared strategic framework and all the presentation design tools to face any communication challenge in the future.


The collaboration between BearingPoint and MLC Presentation Design demonstrated how innovation and a strategic approach to communication can transform presentations into powerful business tools, highlighting the importance of agility, visual design and effective storytelling.


The training was based on the Lean Presentation Design methodology, which allows you to create effective presentations in as little time as possible. We learned how to transform data into memorable stories and understood how important it is to know our audience in order to better engage them.

Maurizio revealed some tricks on how to use artificial intelligence to create effective presentations. He put us to the test by dividing us into groups. Each group had to prepare a presentation on a case study in a very short time, then each group took turns presenting. It was a unique and super interesting experience, especially thanks to our trainer Maurizio, who was super engaging and didn’t let us get bored for a second.

The BearingPoint Team


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Storytelling Training

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